Friday, November 6, 2009

yoga was very taxing tonight.

Approaching the twilight of my existence
I bless you life...
Because you never gave me
either deceitful hopes,
or unjust foils,
nor undeserved endurances...
Because I see,
at the end of my ruggedy trail;
that I was the architect of my own fate.
That if I extracted the bile
or the honey of things
was because I put in them
bile or zesty honey.
When I planted rose bushes
I harvested always roses.
It's true that to my exuberance
has followed the winter;
but you didn't tell me that May was going to be eternal...
I found undoubtedly,
too long the nights of my sorrows;
but you didn't promise me
only merry nights
and in exchange
I had other nights reverently serene.
I loved and I was loved.
The sun shined on my face...
Life you owe me nothing.
Life we are of Peace.

Song of the Day: Maybe- Kelly Clarkson

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